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In today’s business world the Internet is everything.  The world is becoming a much flatter place as companies are finding new and innovative ways of using web sites to their marketing advantage. Small businesses that are not “online” are beginning to find themselves left out of the market place, not being able to cast a wider advertising net.  This means your small business can be losing out on an untold number of potential customers, simply because you have yet to create a web site detailing the services your company brings to its consumers.


The problem for many small businesses is that it either takes too much time to develop and maintain your own site (time which can be used more efficiently strategizing on how to grow your business) or it cost an inconceivable amount of money to have one developed.  Many small domain and hosting companies offer so called “quick and easy” trail-based self site creation options, which often times lead to yearly contracts for work you’re primarily doing yourself.  Consumers often find that this monopolizes their time, sometimes keeping them from making the everyday decisions that affect their business and more importantly their customers.  Such domain and hosting companies have no personal staff-based interface and you’re forced to deal with customer service representatives who may not understand your specific site’s issues or concerns.  At the other end of the spectrum, high-end web development companies may have that one-on-one consulting development service, but they will more than likely charge thousands of dollars for an overly-robust and dynamic site which may not necessarily agree with your marketing and/or economic/budgeting needs.  Finding a company somewhere in between can be quite the daunting task.  DeanRover, L.L.C. prides itself in providing a middle of the road solution to this industry issue.


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